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Synergy Periodontics and Implants

5 out of 5 based on 200 user reviews.


"My initial consultation left me impressed starting with the living room-like waiting area containing simulated fireplace, soothing music, and local artwork that is changed every sixty days. The discussion of my information was conducted in a private office with the Doctor and staff member. The actual exam was professionally conducted in a timely manner with the Doctor promising to take time before the next appointment to provide individualized treatment options. You will be impressed too!"




"I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Ntounis and his staff. I had oral surgery yesterday and it was a no stress pleasant experience! I highly recommend Dr. Ntounis and this practice."



"Dr. Pitman is my primary periodontist and she is very personable and caring...her staff is tremendous...they give me valuable feedback I use to maintain the health of my gums...this last visit, the technician showed areas of plaque build-up I had been missing with my electronic toothbrush...they also provided me with a couple of plaque test kits that will help me monitor my progress...very happy with my treatment experiences..."




"Excellent care. Angie, my hygienist, was pleasant, caring, and helpful with suggestions."




"Wow! Absolutely tops in everything you could ask for when taking extra steps in caring for your teeth. The doctor called the evening before my first appointment to introduce himself and ask questions so he would be familiar with my needs. He also asked me if I had any questions and than thoroughly answered them! Everyone was very skilled in the office from checking you in to reviewing your health history to getting you prepared to the procedure. I had a tooth pulled years a go and this was nothing like 20 years ago! No pain, no yanking. It was out and I didn't even know it! Thank you Synergy Team and Dr. Ntounis for your excellent work!"




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    Kind, Informative, and Professional

    “Everyone from the receptionist to Dr. Pitman was kind, informative, professional and very patient. I could not have felt more welcome. My fears and anxiety were put to rest.”

    – Karen W.
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    The customer service was outstanding

    “It was the best appointment I have ever been to. Everyone I met was just as nice as the next. It was a very pleasurable experience. I loved how the Doctor personally called me ahead of time to introduce herself. The customer service was outstanding.”

    – Kim G
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    I’m in good hands at this practice

    “The hygienist was very efficient and professional cleaning my teeth. She gave me a number of good dental hygiene tips as she worked. Dr. Ntounis expertly assessed my X-Ray pointing out a potential problem to be discussed with my primary dental care provider. I'm well satisfied that I am in good hands at this practice.”

    - Melvin G
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    Your team is awesome

    “They are very professional, friendly, and supportive of my dental care. I received one of the best cleanings I've ever had. Thank you for knowing me, the person.”

    - Olivia N