gum recession

Gum Recession

What are the treatment options for gum recession?


Today we have developed great techniques and technologies to treat gum recession. Unlike in the past, we don’t always have to use the patient’s own tissue to cover gum recession. Now there are additional options such as using special collagen matrix from animal or human donor origin. These products are predictable and perfectly safe! They do not contain any living cells from the donor, and are sterile. In periodontics, these products have proven to be a great alternative to using the patient’s own tissue!

Every case is different and we aim to perform the tissue coverage with the best option that will predictably work!

Take a look at some of our cases. You can find more in our "before and after gallery" on our website!


Soft Tissue Grafting

Root exposure resulting from gingival tissue recession may pose multiple problems for patients:

  • Undesirable Aesthetics
  • Root Sensitivity
  • Impaired Oral Hygiene
  • Increased Caries Susceptibility
  • Teeth May Become Loose
  • Progressive Gum Recession

A gingival tissue graft will restore the proper gum tissue structure around the tooth, supporting the tooth and creating a healthy seal around the neck of the tooth. 

Treatment of Generalized Recession